Seven Hills Balcony Repair

Seven Hills Balcony Repair

The existing waterproofing which had failed and was leaking into the unit below had to be taken up.  The Protect & Seal time used a floor grinder to bring up the existing waterproofing and bring it back to the original concrete.

Once completed, the waterproofing process began.  This started with the use of a primer followed by the waterproofing membrane and construction silicon, sealing up the floor and all junctions.  After this process was completed, we commenced with the tiling of the balcony using a 300mm x 600mm concrete grey look tile and a 100mm skirting tile around the perimeter of the balcony.

More Information


  • •Waterproofing primer
  • •Waterproofing membrane
  • •Construction silicon
  • •Tile adhesive
  • •300mm x 600mm concrete grey look tile
  • •100mm skirting tile
  • •Grout
  • Date :12th September 2020
  • Tags :Balcony repair, Leaking balcony
  • Location :Seven Hills